“Gus is the most genuine human being I’ve ever met in my life and the Heart of a herd of lions to help the kids. Nothing better in Maryland. Glad you’re on the Mason-Dixon line. Come on South to Houston.”
Former Baltimore Oriole, Mike “Nuke” Linskey

Coach Gus,

I want to Thank You for all the hard work that you have been doing with my son Brian Jr. I have seen a HUGE improvement in his pitching, hitting, and most IMPORTANT his confidence. Before we started coming to BBBA, I have taken him to numerous pitching and hitting coaches whom in my opinion were out for the money and not the overall improvement of my son’s baseball ability. Your Velocity Improvement Program VIP has taken Brian’s pitching to a whole new level along with your personal one-on-one hitting instructions. Brian will have no problem making his high school varsity team as a freshman and it’s all because of you and your programs. I can’t Thank you enough. The hour long drive from PG county is nothing compared to the instructions my son receives from you. I just wish there were more guys like you around this area who cares about the child’s confidence and fundamentals and not the money.

Brian S.


Working with Coach Gus, my son has improved his skill and his maturity level exponentially. Coach has a phenomenal amount of quality baseball knowledge he openly shares with players when he feels they really want to take their play to the next level. He holds them accountable.

My son said “Coach Gus taught me that what I do today in school and in baseball will affect me for the rest of my life, and how I choose to perform will determine what kind of life I want to lead. If I perform poor, I will live poor, if I perform great, I will live great. He is helping to make me the best student athlete, not an athlete student.”

I know the input my son gets from Coach Gus has contributed to my son’s ability to say, the thing he likes best about himself is “My ability to look in the mirror and see what’s wrong—and fix it.”  Coach Gus has taught my son more than baseball, he has taught my son about life, demonstrating to him the value of accountability and hard work which I think are values missing in society today.



I just wanted to send a quick thank you note to thank you for a wonderful camp for baseball! Rarely as teachers to we hear how we “do” and I wanted to make sure you know how much we appreciate what you. Ethan had an amazing time. Thanks so much for your dedication to teaching young people to play.

Lisa and Andy K


Coach, Jacob was proud of getting a triple ( that should have been a home run) in his first tournament at bat , that he wanted to send you this picture when he hit it… with his arms extended and the "A" with his legs.Your coaching had helped him a lot and he was selected after the tournament to play on the Cal Ripken tournament team for KI next week. He played a near flawless first base for three games.

Paul and Jacob


Thanks Coach Gus, for the best season I ever had!



My dreams of playing college baseball have come true thanks to the professionalism and extraordinary efforts of Coach Gus to keep my dreams alive. Coach Gus you spoiled us! After playing summer and fall baseball with you and your staff, playing with other coaches has become painful.

Thanks for teaching our son the great lesson of baseball. After working out all winter with Coach Gus our select travel team doubled our team batting average from the previous season, thanks to Coach Gus and his ability to communicate proper hitting mechanics to my guys

Coach Bob


Early in the season I was struggling at the plate. Popping up way too much and when I did get a hold of the ball, it was nothing more than a long fly out. I went to Coach Gus for help. If it wasn’t for Coach Gus I would have never hit 22 home runs that season. Thanks Coach Gus.



Your baseball journey will be easier, faster and less complicated with Coach Gus. His energy and passion for the game of baseball is second to none!

Coach B. Jones