Our Philosophy


What is at the HEART


Passion for the Game

Bay Bridge Baseball Academy, wants to bring baseball back the way it used to be on the shore, across the state, and across the country. We are striving to help revitalize youth baseball on Kent Island and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Accentuate the positive at all times and promote the youth baseball programs in our area. Bring back the HONOR and INTEGRITY of the game. Enlighten our players, coaches and parents that the game is fun and exciting when you play it the way it was meant to be played.

Let’s nurture their love for the game!

Play all aspects of the game with Passion!

Quality Instruction

Here at the Academy we are dedicated to quality instruction for players of all ages. We offer more than just the art of hitting a baseball and softball consistently and with authority.

We teach all aspects of the game:

  • the art of playing catch
  • professional pitching instruction
  • the art of the bunt
  • the mental side of the game

We have a large network of baseball professionals that show up at our door and help out with our clinics and sessions. You never know who you will run into here at the BAY BRIDGE BASEBALL ACADEMY!

Quality instructions is more than just teaching the skills. It’s about promoting players to develop these skills while building life long supportive friendships with their teammates, respect for others and respect for the game. Respect for others, shows people around you, that you respect yourself.

We encourage players to have strong character make-up while they:

  • keep their values in order
  • make good life decisions
  • create a successful FUTURE!

Run Fast! Throw Hard! Hit it Deep!

Respect and FUN!

The BBBA is directed by Coach Gus Kaplanges. Coach Gus is a life long youth advocate and coach based out of Kent Island, MD. He is a very enthusiastic and charismatic speaker as well as a conscientious, ethical coach and professional mentor. The goal of his instruction is to teach our students respect and knowledge for the game of baseball. The philosophy of the Bay Bridge Baseball Academy, is to focus on nurturing the player’s love of the game through Respect and FUN.

Promoting … Hustle! Hustle! Hustle!