Meet Coach Gus


Coach Kaplanges with his son, James at Cooperstown Dreams Park in 2005.

Gus Kaplanges:

Coach Kaplanges is the Executive Director and Head Baseball Coach of Bay Bridge Baseball Academy. He has over 30 years of Youth Coaching experience and has been a youth advocate the entire time. For many years, Coach has mentored at-risk youth involved in sports. He was an appointee to the Governor’s Advisory Council for Physical Fitness and Youth Sports in the State of Maryland.

Coach Kaplanges has also been recognized by the Old Timers Baseball Association of Maryland for his over 30 years of service, contributions and dedication to the sport of baseball. He is also a member of the American Youth Baseball Hall of Fame. Coach Kaplanges has been inducted intoBaltimore’s Boys of Summer Hall of Fame. Coach Kaplanges also is in the Master Card Hole in One Hall of Fame in Dallas, Texas.

None other than the late Ray Yannuzzi, a protege of Babe Ruth himself, from St. Mary’s Industrial School for boys, taught Coach Kaplanges the “art of hitting.”  Coach Kaplanges has had the opportunity to learn the art of hitting the ball the other way, among other parts of hitting,  and how to teach it to young players, from Ted Williams, the last man to hit over .400 in an MLB season. The”Splendid Splinter,” taught Coach Kaplanges 1 on 1 for over 3 hours.

Coach Kaplanges also had a 1 on 1 session with Ernie Banks that lasted 5 hours, about hitting a baseball, what the wrists actually should do in the swing and how to teach it. Coach Kaplanges was introduced by Gaylord Perry to Ted Williams and Ernie Banks, among others.